Thursday, 30 September 2010

How Do Despots Get Their Power?

How Do Despots Get Their Power?

How do despots get their power?

By feeding on the insecurities of the hour.

The sense of helplessness the masses feel

Are harnessed to support the despot’s scheme.

The intellect of the thinking class

Is enticed, seduced, cleverly, alas!

Now the credibility has been built

The despot’s been empowered to the hilt.

Brutalities are inflicted on the undefended

For the larger good, it is contended.

The brain-washed lead a life of subjection

With no will or means to raise objection.

Now, the Wheel Of Fortune, it will turn

And oppression does rebellion churn

A heavy price will be paid

Before the despot’s rule to rest be laid.

There will be rejoicing at the feat

And courts for justice will turn on the heat

Then voices of denial will be heard

“It’s all in your imagination” will be averred.


Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Winds Of Change

The Winds Of Change

Guiding the believers in matters of faith

Is it for both genders? is the wanted debate.

The frame over the Anglican Church, - ‘Freeze!’

Women as Bishops, the 21st Century sees.

The frame over the Catholic Church, - ‘Freeze!’

Women Priests as ‘grave sin’, the patriarchs wheeze.

Up until now, to keep the status quo

‘In The Name Of God’ was all it took ensure.

To deny the feminine, a decision making post

They’d hold out the Genesis ‘Leading Astray’ ghost.

And if that as an excuse seemed a tad wishy-washy

There was that famous “Jesus did not choose” story.

And if holes could be picked in reasons one and two

There was always the Acts to fallback on to.

Biblical quotes, made to subjugate one gender

All opposition, all protest, to ineffectual render.

But the above, no longer hold protesters at bay

They want a debate, to be heard, to have their say.

So will the winds of change be noted and heeded?

And to a wholesome debate be conceded?


Thursday, 2 September 2010

How To’s ….

This book and that,
Yes, even web sites
Have unending instructions
On how to live right.

Social networking,
Now that’s the place to be
If you have advice to dole,
And it’s all for free.

Politically correct,
Is the ‘mantra’ for today
Specious sophistic
Is how you should play.

No matter how hurt you are,
Here’s the slant,
Clip your in-born instinct
To rave and rant.

A strict no-no
Is blowing your fuse
You could be deadpan,
Recondite, yes even abstruse.

So live repressed
Then nurse physical ills
That result from ‘strictly’ following
‘Right Living’ skills.


Friday, 23 July 2010

Dulled Sheen

Dulled Sheen

There is a blot on India Shining

A deadly cancerous rust

With the subversion of the Constitution

The facade of civility has gone bust.

The freedoms enshrined in the Constitution

The right of individual choice

Trampled upon by a certain mindset

Intolerant of dissenting voice.

The Supreme Court issued a ruling

In favour of freedom of speech

Rejected by the mindless thousands

To whom reading is out of reach.

The rights of the common Indian

Are treated with disdain

Public property destroyed at will

For the muscle-flexer’s gain.

Yes the sheen of India Shining

Has been dulled by disregard

Of the ideals enshrined in the Constitution

By the might of the ‘ancient culture’ vanguard.


Monday, 12 July 2010

If Only

If Only …

If only closed minds came with closed mouths

and open minds were verbose

good sense would rule the sound waves

and gossip would find fewer echoes.

If only the taciturn ones

who practice justice and truth

turned as loquacious as the maligners

to authoritatively falsehood refute.

If only there were more people

who applied context to what they hear

It would arrest the spread of calumny

that vitiates the atmosphere.

If only people of higher thought

outnumbered the unthinking kind

it would do away with mob mentality

that blindly supports the fiend.

If only, yes, if only

the educated did not compete

to imitate the unlettered the most

when it comes to sustaining dishonorable deeds.